Green Monkey Grinder - Chacma - 63mm - Black

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  • Chacma
  • 63mm
  • 4 Piece Grinder
  • Built-In Ashtray on Lid
  • Mesh Screen
  • Kief Scraper
  • Magnetic Lid
  • Zinc Alloy Grinder
  • Black

The Chacma Baboon is one of the largest monkeys on Earth, and the Chacma grinder series a sturdy, heavy-duty device whose size allows it to also function as a storage piece. These grinders feature an innovative design where the top layer has two grooves to rest a lit smoke, and the lid can be used as an ashtray. The device is ergonomic, and the magnetic lid is easy to turn even for those with weak grip strength.  


To use the Chacma grinder, lift the magnetic lid and insert a nug or two of weed in between the teeth layers. Place the lid back on and twist. It feels comfortable to grip the device around the base as it’s been designed to fit perfectly in hand. This design resembles a goblet or chalice, and looks sleek when resting on a coffee table.

Once all the weed has dropped through to the next layer, unscrew the teeth from the base. This is where the ground bud collects, and this chamber is extended so it can store extra for later. Unscrew the very bottom layer to find the collected kief with a scraper tool. Once the joint or blunt is rolled up and lit, it can rest in a groove on the lid of the Chacma, catching the ash while it’s not being smoked.