Monkey See, Monkey Grind

Green Monkey Grinder - Chacma - 63mm - Blue


Green Monkey Baboon Crown Grinder - Red - 50MM


Green Monkey Capuchin Grinder - Black - 63MM

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Start Grinding from Tree to Tree

Welcome to Green Monkey Grinders!

Our grinders go above and beyond the standard 4-piece grinder. Each of our six unique tobacco grinder styles have been named after a monkey species that share common aspects with the device. We draw connections between the innovative features of our dry herb grinders and the characteristics, environments and habits of each breed.

We Don't Monkey Around!

We strive to offer shredders in a wide variety of different sizes and colors, so each individual smoker is sure to find the device that perfectly fits their needs. We have options to cater to those with disabilities and weak grip strength, with features like a top hand crank, a side dispenser for minimal unscrewing, and large grooves around the sides of the device for added grip. Our goal is to be an industry leader in dry herb grinding technology; we are constantly searching for new ways to serve those who are underrepresented in the industry.