Green Monkey Baboon Crown Grinder - Red - 63MM

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Color: Red

Size: 63MM

  • Baboon Crown
  • 63mm
  • 4 Piece Grinder
  • Mesh Screen
  • Kief Scraper
  • Magnetic Lid
  • Zinc Alloy Grinder
  • Red

Just like a real Baboon, our Baboon Series Grinders have a strong, unique appearance that sets them apart from the rest. The magnetic lid features a thick rim with a halo of grooves, resembling the mane of hair that encompasses both the monkey’s bare face and bare behind. Baboons share 91% DNA similarities to humans, making them an intelligent and powerful species. You’ll be impressed by the tenacity and ferocity it grinds with!

Baboons have much sharper teeth than most other monkeys. This 4-piece mechanism has a magnetic lid with razor-sharp, Baboon-like teeth that break down even the stickiest, densest nugs down to a light, fluffy grind. The grooves along the magnetic lid make it a breeze to turn. A mesh sifter screen suspends the herb above the pollen catcher that includes a scraper.