Green Monkey Gelada Grinder - Metallic Grey - 50MM

Green Monkey Grinders

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Only found in the Ethiopian Highlands and mountains, the Gelada monkey, spend 99 percent of their time grounded. The rugged, stone-like exterior of this grinder resembles the steep rocky cliffs the Gelada monkey calls home. This species has evolved to live high up on rocky cliffs and sleep on steep perches to escape predators. This grinder has notches and grooves all around the outside that are very similar to the terrain the monkeys inhabit.

Each layer of the Gelada has a locking mechanism, rather than the standard threaded closure, except for the magnetic lid. Razor sharp teeth pulverize your herb to the perfect, fluffy consistency. It drops down onto a mesh screen to sift the kief into the pollen chamber, which is equipped with a triangular scraper. Featuring an extended pollen catcher, the Gelada grinders prioritize getting “up high” over everything!

  • Titanium Finish
  • Made from Aluminum
  • 50mm
  • 4 Piece
  • Comes with a scraper

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