Green Monkey Belanda Grinder - Rainbow - 63MM

Green Monkey Grinders

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Resembling the Monyet Belanda monkey and its indistinguishable, prominent nose, the Belanda grinder catches the eye with its nose-shaped glass windows that surround the storage chamber. This feature gives it an advantage over less-evolved grinders; easily check your herb levels with a quick glance before unscrewing the entire thing.

The extended chamber and glass additions give the Belanda grinder a heavy-duty feel. Razor sharp teeth attached to a magnetic lid break down even the stickiest, densest nugs into a pliable blend. The holding chamber has a mesh sifting screen to filter the kief down into the pollen catcher, which includes a triangular scraper. The Monyet Belanda were once worshiped in Egyptian culture, and we’re sure you’ll be just as crazy about the Belanda grinder!

  • Green Monkey brand grinder
  • Metal Screen
  • Mesh Sifting screen for fine pollen filtering - Pollen collection chamber on the bottom
  • Pollen Scraper
  • Made from Aluminum

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