Green Monkey Vervet Grinder - Black Nickel - 63MM

Green Monkey Grinders

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Just like the Vervet monkey, our Vervet Series Grinders have a unique appearance that sets them apart from the rest. Vervets are known to enjoy alcoholic drinks, especially cocktails they can poach from unsuspecting tourists at resorts! We’ve modeled this grinder to resemble the blenders used to make their drinks of choice; it features a top crank to get the perfectly blended herb. These guys know how to party!

Vervets also have built-in take out containers in their mouths. Where they can save plenty of food in their cheek to save for later, the grinder includes a side compartment where you can  dump some bud out into your paper and save the rest for later. The 4-piece mechanism has a magnetic lid with razor sharp lightning teeth that break down even the stickiest, densest nugs down to a light, fluffy grind.  A mesh sifter screen suspends the herb above the pollen catcher that includes a scraper.

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